WATCH: Hugh Jackman Is Hotter Than Ever in The Wolverine's Trailer

By Jase Peeples

Originally published on March 27 2013 12:23 PM ET

It isn’t hard to see why the characters of the X-Men universe have attracted a large LGBT following. Mutants who hide their true nature because they are hated for being born “different” is an LGBT allegory like no other in comics.

Of course, when one of Marvel’s mutants is brought to life on the big screen in the form of hunky Hugh Jackman, it’s no surprise that following becomes super-sized.

The first trailer from July’s The Wolverine was unleashed early Wednesday, featuring a berserker barrage of action, abs, and adamantium claws.

Longtime comic fans will be quick to notice appearances by several other Marvel characters, including Silver Samurai, Viper, and Jean Grey, played by the fabulous Famke Janssen.