WATCH: RuPaul Has Gwissues

By Christopher Rudolph

Originally published on March 08 2013 5:02 PM ET

Instead of interviewing people like he did on his classic series, The RuPaul Show, RuPaul is now in the hot seat when Howard Bragman interviews him in the latest installment of his Gwissues series on YouTube. In previous episodes Bragman — the man celebrities turn to when they want to come out of the closet — sat down with Chaz Bono and Bruce Vilanch, and now he talks with the legendary RuPaul on his one-on-one video chat show. Ru opens up about everything from his merchandising dreams, to learning to accept yourself, and how he bows at the altar of Judge Judy. Watch the video if you want to see the Drag Race den mother at his confessional best, spouting inspirational nuggets that would have Oprah taking notes.