What Roddy Bottum Advocates Might Surprise You

By Advocate Contributors

Originally published on Advocate.com January 31 2012 5:00 AM ET

 …AIDS/LifeCycle Ride
I’m participating in the AIDS/LifeCycle ride this year. It’s a 575-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles that benefits two key California institutions that assist people affected by the HIV. I’m struggling with the bike fashion but coming to terms. Please help me to help others. Doing it together is so much more rewarding. I appreciate anything you can do to help. Big hug. Here’s my donation page: ToFightHIV.org/GoTo/RoddyBottum RODDY BOTTUM X560 (MARNA CHAVEZ) | ADVOCATE.COM  …Trannyshack
I’m really happy that Heklina brings her San Francisco show to L.A. on a regular basis now. It’s smart drag with lots of props — blood, spaghetti, foam — plus it’s super-offensive and you will get wet. Trannyshack.com TRANNYSHACK HEKLINA X560 (FAIR) | ADVOCATE.COM …Wig Out
I used to DJ this monthly wig party thrown by my friend Jean Natalia. Wear a wig to themes like “Get Your Flapper On” or “Get Your Evel Knievel On” or “Get Your Hobo On.” Awesome, fantastic performances. With wigs, duh.WIG OUT X560 (FROM THEIR SITE) | ADVOCATE.COM  …Rob Zabrecky
A super-innovative magician who works semiregularly at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. If you can't get in to see his über-creepy, dark, sophisticated take on magic there, get to L.A.’s Steve Allen Theater, where he performs sometimes too. Phenomenal. RobZabrecky.com Rob Zabrecky X560 (MYSPACE) | ADVOCATE.COM  …Colburn School
Right across from the Disney Hall, this school serves as a venue for the left-of-center, progressive classical music scene. It offers amazing ensemble performances, and Piano Spheres, a curated piano night, is the best music night in Los Angeles.COLBURN MUSIC SCHOOL X560 (FAIR) | ADVOCATE.COM

  …Psychic Friend
This is the other band of Imperial Teen's Will Schwartz. Will is my favorite songwriter, hands down. I've never not cried at a Psychic Friend show — his songs floor me. The band’s record will be out later this year.

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