Fun.: Chart-Topping Band Plans Marriage Equality Organization

By Jeremy Kinser

Originally published on May 03 2012 3:06 PM ET

Members of the band fun., which is currently enjoying an inescapable hit with their single "We Are Young," next have their eyes set on creating a marriage equality non-profit, according to a profile in The Washington Post.

The success of the song —it's hit number 1 on Billboard's singles charts and been performed on Glee— has been a surprise to the indie pop band, composed of vocalist Nate Ruess, keyboardist Andrew Dost, and guitarist Jack Antonoff. The musicians, all of whom are straight, see the opportunity to use their new platform to bring attention to an issue about which they're equally passionate —LGBT rights. The three men "hope to establish a nonprofit organization in support of same-sex marriage,"according to the Post.

“We’re firm believers in the idea that if you’re not talking about it, you’re part of the problem,” Antonoff says. “We realize we have an audience, and it would be a real shame to waste it.”