Elton John Says Life Will be Difficult for His Son

By Jeremy Kinser

Originally published on Advocate.com August 21 2012 4:03 PM ET

Elton John says he is worried about the homophobia his son, Zachary, may face because he has two fathers, according to a new profile in Radio Times.

“Being the child of someone famous is a huge ball and chain around your ankles,” the entertainer says. “It’s going to be very difficult.”

John and civil partner David Furnish became parents to Zachary Christmas Day 2010 using a donor egg and a surrogate.

“At school other children will say, ‘You don’t have a mummy,’” John offers. “We’ve come a long way, but there’s still homophobia and will be until a new generation of parents don’t instil it in their children.”

The 65-year-old entertainer also reveals that Zachary calls him “Daddy” around the home and refers to Furnish as “Papa.”