PHOTOS: Pride in Auckland, New Zealand

By Editors

Originally published on February 25 2014 7:00 AM ET

With more than 40 entries, the parade was the highlight of the 2014 Auckland Pride Festival and its celebration of the rainbow community in New Zealand — or Aotearoa, as the Maori call it.

Participants march in the Auckland Pride Parade along Ponsonby Road Saturday.

We did say march.

This parade not only embraced the rainbow, it created one.

We think it's great, too!

The theme for this pair's outfit is embraced on a slightly smaller scale on the next page.


People watching.

The parade also brought out the luminaries. David Cunliffe, leader of the Labour Party, took part.

And look, there's U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand David Huebner.


The end.