Twitter: Following and Unfollowing #Homophobes

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on March 27 2013 1:56 PM ET

If you were looking for an excuse to unfollow your homophobic second cousin on Twitter, this week might be the best time to hop on the bandwagon.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports a spike in the number of people tweeting requests to stop following them if their followers don't agree with them on marriage equality and LGBT rights. Here are some of those who feel strongly about marriage, in either direction:



If you're against marriage equality, please unfollow me. You can hate LOST all you want, but you can't hate love.

— Damon Lindelof (@DamonLindelof) March 26, 2013



if you don't support gay marriage just because you're catholic please unfollow me defriend me delete me whatever #cantstandyourhate

— DJ Harrity (@DJHarrity) March 27, 2013



If you're against gay marriage, favorite this tweet so I can unfollow you. I don't want my timeline full of hateful walruses.

— Jordan Wilson (@JordanWiilson) March 27, 2013



Unfollow me if you wish.. but I stand for traditional marriage. #OneManOneWoman

— Madison Blaska (@LoveLiifeAlways) March 26, 2013



About to delete/unfollow anyone who uses the phrase "traditional marriage" to defend their anti same-sex marriage views.

— Mariel Polter (@mpolter) March 26, 2013



if you dont support gay marriage expect an unfollow

— im gay (@micaelasshole) March 27, 2013



I will always accept gay people and marriage for them. If you disagree go ahead and unfollow me. ✋

— A Sweet Bitch (@SweetBittch) March 26, 2013



Favor this tweet if you're against gay marriage so I can unfollow the shit out of you.

— Emily Lewis (@emilylewis_03) March 27, 2013



I love the tweets opposing equal marriage rights. Your ignorance is greatly appreciated #unfollow

— Danielle Rowe (@daniellerowe7) March 27, 2013



Stop tweeting about how you support gay marriage! Ain't nobody got time for that #getout #unfollow

— Carson Shively (@carsonshively) March 27, 2013