WATCH: Prince Charming is an Evil Queen on  

By Jeremy Kinser

Originally published on March 04 2012 4:10 PM ET

 Cinderella's Prince Charming was revealed to be an "evil queen" during the reality series spoof The Real Housewives of Disney on last night's episode of Saturday Night Live.

Halfway through the skit, a flamboyant Prince Charming (Taran Killam) enters the room and avoids kissing a soused Cinderella (Kristen Wiig). "Here's some good advice," Wiig says to camera. "Never marry a guy who's really into shoes."

The prince then mocks the dress worn by Rapunzel (played by guest host Lindsay Lohan). "It looks like my stepmother isn't the only evil queen in town," Snow White tells the camera, before high five-ing the other princesses and a dwarf.

Watch the video below.