Best Tweet Ever: Mitt Romney Loves the Ladies

By Jami Smith

Originally published on April 13 2012 3:30 PM ET

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I'm gonna eat you out of house and home isn't a great pick up line guys.

— Jami Smith (@jamismithcomic) April 8, 2012

Number 10:

I really celebrate the fact that if i'm ever caught looking at a woman inappropriately, it will be because I'm a lesbian an not a perv.

— Lianna Carrera (@LiannaC) April 11, 2012

Number 9:

Thought there was some audio issue with Game of Thrones, but then I realized I was just hearing the sound of my own incessant squealing.

— Louis Peitzman (@LouisPeitzman) April 10, 2012

Number 8:

It’s funny how everyone thinks Paula Abdul is crazy now, but in the 90s when she was attracted to an animated skat cat, no one said a thing.

— Joelle Boucai (@Bitterjojo) April 10, 2012

Number 7:

In Arizona, life now begins when you sign up on OKCupid.

— Annabel Oakes (@annabeloakes) April 11, 2012

Number 6:

You shouldn't ask me to hold your baby. I can't even hold a pen for 10 secs without unknowingly mangling the cap with my teeth...

— TO33IE (@TheTobbie) April 13, 2012

Number 5:

Can we start calling the Kanye and Kim Kardashian couple: the KKK?

— Matt Besser (@MattBesser) April 12, 2012

Number 4:

"I've seen my uncle's penis." - the subtext of every American Apparel advertisement

— Nick Stadler (@NickadooLA) April 10, 2012

Number 3:

It's hard to see how why Mitt Romney isn't connecting with women. He's been wearing momjeans for months.

— LOLGOP (@LOLGOP) April 11, 2012

Number 2:

HD porn is so clear that you can actually see how disappointed their parents are.

— who cupped my boobs? (@CandyWarhole) November 13, 2011

1 PIXEL GIF | ADVOCATE.COMNumber 1, Best Tweet Ever:

Romney: "I have nothing but respect for women.I'm good friends with the owners of some."

— Andy Borowitz (@BorowitzReport) April 12, 2012