Sarah Silverman Wants Marriage Equality And a Big Apology

By Jeremy Kinser

Originally published on April 23 2012 12:27 PM ET

Comic-actress Sarah Silverman says gay marriage should be legalized "with a big fucking apology for the past few years," during an interview withThe Hollywood Reporter.

While discussing her latest film Take This Waltz at New York's Tribeca Film Festival, Silverman, a longtime LGBT equality advocate, took a moment to address same-sex marriage.

"Gay marriage is something that Newark Mayor Cory Booker said it best: Some things are not meant to be a vote. Some things are a right. And if things like that were left for a vote, he said, I wouldn't be where I am today — meaning anything that is civil rights," Silverman tells THR. "Because people don't always know what's best. Their fears keep them from being open and being fair. And so that would just be not up for a vote. Gay marriage, legal, with a big fucking apology for the past few years."

In 2010 Silverman spoke toThe Advocate about the issue and her decision to not marry until all Americans can legally wed. "Not only that, but lately I’ve been really annoyed by any liberal person getting married who says they stand for gay rights," Silverman said. "How can anyone in good conscience get married right now? How is that different than joining a country club that doesn’t allow Jews or blacks?"