Dixie Longate
Drag Queen Dixie Longate is Wowing Audiences and Selling Tupperware

By Neal Broverman

Originally published on Advocate.com May 07 2012 1:54 PM ET

A red-haired vixen is one of America's best sellers of Tupperware — those plastic containers prized by homemakers — and she's only a woman part of the time.

Dixie Longate is a drag queen who's sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Tupperware through both parties and stage shows. Dixie came in number 1 at a recent Tupperware "jubilee" (or sales conference, in normal parlance), with $219,000 in sales.

Dixie, who describes her character as an Alabama mother with an arrest record, says Tupperware selling is not a backward step for women.

"Tupperware came into vogue when all these women were relegated to the kitchen," Dixie tells The Guardian. "And it was an amazing way for them to run their own businesses. I wanted to make this a little love letter to (Tupperware pioneer) Brownie Wise, and to women everywhere." Read more here.