Best Tweet Ever: Comedians' Theories on TomKat Split

By Jami Smith

Originally published on June 29 2012 6:51 PM ET

If reports are true, Tom Cruise is soon to be single again for the third time. No details have been released yet on the cause of his divorce to Katie Holmes, but our Gaysayer Twitter feed certainly has some theories. And we stress, these are theories, by comedians. That's practically a list of delusions.

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Tom Cruise is going to look even younger now that he got rid of his beard.

— Rob Sprance (@RobSprance) June 29, 2012

Did Katie Holmes ask for a divorce from Tom Cruise or did she send a letter of resignation?

— Diana Yanez (@dianayanezshow) June 29, 2012

NEWS UPDATE: The reason for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting divorced has not come out yet.

— Sixth Form Poet (@sixthformpoet) June 29, 2012

Somewhere in outer space, John Travolta is preparing a marital bed.

— Jami Smith (@jamismithcomic) June 29, 2012

Katie had her reasons for filing for divorce. I figured it was vacation related: she got tired of always having to go on a gay Cruise.

— Jimi Mack (@JimiMack7) June 29, 2012

Now, will Tom or Katie get custody of the lie?

— Louis Virtel (@louisvirtel) June 29, 2012

This time Katie Holmes goes on Oprah and jumps on the couch.

— Chris (@NewPhaseOfChris) June 29, 2012

CNN: Katie Holmes hostage situation ends.

— Neal Brennan (@nealbrennan) June 29, 2012

Tom Cruise's prenup lets him keep his money, the kids and Katie Holmes.

— Anthony Jeselnik (@anthonyjeselnik) June 29, 2012

BREAKING: Katie Holmes to wed Ryan Seacrest.

— Adam Sank (@AdamSank) June 29, 2012