WATCH: Darren Criss, Neil Patrick, Jane Lynch on Why They Vote

By Jeremy Kinser

Originally published on September 25 2012 10:47 AM ET

Everyone has a special reason to register to vote, even celebs such as Darren Criss, Miley Cyrus, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, Eric Stonestreet, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson who offer their unique reasons in a new video.

Joel McHale votes because, as he puts it, "I'm not a motherfucking communist."

"Voting is the best decision you can make," says Lynch, adding, "A close second is getting a One Direction tattoo on your ass, like I did."

I'm voting because it makes my hands stronger for tweeting," offers Cyrus.

"I vote because it's all of our civic duty to help choose the people who will lead this country into the future," Harris shares. "Also I love hitting on the little old chicks who check you in —no teeth."

Watch the video below.


How Celebrities Rock the Vote with Miley Cyrus, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch from Miley Cyrus