A Chick-fil-A moment in need of a caption: famed running back Bo Jackson and the Chick-fil-A cows together at last year's college bowl game.
Chick-fil-A Twitter Trend Gets a Gaysayer Remix

By Jami Smith

Originally published on Advocate.com September 26 2012 5:00 AM ET

Here are some of our favorite #CFAMoments — which is a Twitter hashtag that Chick-fil-A asks its fans to use when talking about the special time they spend with their chicken sandwiches.

In the interest of full disclosure, these tweets were actually collected by our @Gaysayer comedy feed. And @Gaysayer might have hinted to our many pro-LGBT followers that #CFAMoments is up for reinterpretation.

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Chick-Fil-A has a "Chargrilled Fruit Salad", but they call it the Leviticus 18:22. #CFAmoments @gaysayer

— Brad Loekle (@BradLoekle) September 22, 2012


Chik-Fil-A. For when food alone doesn't totally destroy you from the inside out. #CFAMoments

— Michael T Kennedy (@MichaelTKennedy) September 22, 2012


When the rapture came and you were too fucking fat to fly. #CFAmoments

— Alec Mapa (@AlecMapa) September 23, 2012


#CFAMoments Ice Dream? That's just not natural. Desert is between one ice and one cream. Protect the sanctity of desert.

— Shana O'Grady (@MadelBlue) September 22, 2012


Can't "Eat Mor Chikn" cuz bible sez not to cheat on my girlfriend. :( #CFAmoments

— Jami Smith (@jamismithcomic) September 22, 2012


I was tempted to volunteer at the soup kitchen, but it made me hungry. So I went to Chick-Fil-A instead. #LoveBeingaChristian #CFAMoments.

— xander (@xanderNOH8) September 22, 2012


Protect marriage! Instead of working on your own, eat more chikin! #CFAmoments

— miss idgie (@missidgie) September 23, 2012


#CFAMoments Planning a cross burning or gay-bashing? Don't forget the Chikin.

— Gary Paylo (@gmpaylo) September 23, 2012


@gaysayer Just wait until the grainy photos emerge of the Chick-Fil-A mascot at a fisting party with the Aflac duck #CFAMoments

— Jay M (@candide37) September 23, 2012


That time Chick-Fil-A tried trending #CFAMoments but it backfired.

— Rusty Surette (@rustysurette) September 23, 2012