Blanche Week! Vote For the Best Lady Gaga Jab

By Jami Smith

Originally published on June 05 2013 4:00 PM ET

For our first ever Blanche Week, we asked our readers to skewer our favorite LGBT celebrities on Twitter. We've already blanched Anderson Cooper and now it's Lady Gaga's turn! Vote for your favorite joke below. Whichever finalist in any of the celebrity blanches gets the most votes will be crowned, "Best Blancher Ever," and we'll make them famous — by changing our Twitter background to their face.

In no particular order, here are the top jokes about Lady Gaga. Vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page! Vote as often as you like; irrational obsessive behavior is encouraged by Gaysayer.

@gaysayer @theadvocatemag The only thing Lady Gaga did before Madonna was throw her hip out.#blanched

— Alan Norman (@endless80) June 5, 2013

Is it me, or is Lady Gaga getting fashion inspiration from a bunch of eight year olds playing mad-libs? #Blanched

— R.J. Aguiar (@rj4gui4r) June 4, 2013

"My next dress will be made of...*throws dart at dartboard* litter. It's a dress made of cat litter. Whatever."-Lady Gaga#StevieTV

— Joe Dosch (@joedosch) June 3, 2013

Most people don't know that Lady Gaga's real name is Boy George

— Zackary Ross (@Zackblows) May 30, 2013

I'd love to go to a Lady Gaga concert because I love Madonna's music. #StevieTV

— Chris Doucette (@Chris_Doucette) May 28, 2013