WATCH: Jon Stewart Slays Louie Gohmert's 'Plumbing Lesson' Remark

By Jami Smith

Originally published on January 17 2014 4:43 PM ET

Jon Stewart had trouble celebrating marriage equality in Utah and Oklahoma on his show Thursday night because the Utah governor is still fighting the Supreme Court ruling.

"Here come the brides, but only for federal tax purposes. Otherwise, it's just Sharon and her roommate," quipped the Daily Show host. 

Stewart also brilliantly shut down Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert's argument that pro-equality judges needed "plumbing lessons" because they didn't find "biological evidence to support marriage being between a man and a woman."

Luckily, Stewart is a much better plumber than Gohmert and offered him a lesson. Get schooled below:

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Jami Smith