PLAY: New Online Game Makes Putin More Fabulous

By Jami Smith

Originally published on February 14 2014 12:30 PM ET

In the new online game, "Putin's Fabulous Wardrobe," you can make the Russian president look less like a scary paper doll and more like a gender bending runway model. The idea was created by Belgian fashion designer Kristof Buntinx, whose iconic collection provides the user with unique outfits to choose from for their makeover.

The designer jokingly admits that since last summer when he created his Russian-inspired boxer shorts, he's been afraid that he would end up with the KGB hot on his heels in a bid to settle the score. “I hope in any case that Putin, and with him lots of other Russians, will see the error of their ways." For real life outfits, check out Buntinx's latest collection here.

Mix and match your own fabulous version of President Putin below:

Jami Smith