WATCH: 'Gay of Thrones' Ep. 4: Christina Versus Cher

By Jami Smith

Originally published on April 30 2014 10:16 AM ET

What happens when a famous fashion consultant and a sassy hairdresser dish about the most recent episode of Game of Thrones?

Buckle up for the gayest recap episode so far in the series. Here are some of the gayest highlights as told in GIFs. 




Daenerys Targaryen, better known as Christina Aguilera, has to free the slaves while giving Princess Di realness. 


Blonde Cher's son is dead but her statement cocktail ring is all that matters.


Bran Stark and his friends are totally the Spice Girls after losing Ginger. 


Predictions for next week: Christina Aguilaera and Blonde Cher will face off and realize they have the same hairdresser and have a major braid-off. "These are two bad bitches that will not be styled the same."

Watch the full episode of episode four og Gay of Thrones below:

Gay of Thrones S4 E4: Oathwerqer, bitch! from Funny Or Die
Jami Smith