Man Arrested for Vandalizing Churches With Gay Jesus Posters

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on September 29 2012 1:15 PM ET


A man in Buffalo, Minn., was arrested for vandalizing at least six churches last weekend, some with messages starting that Jesus was gay.
Wade Murray confessed to vandalizing the churches after being arrested because he said he believes God wants him to "hurt people," CBS News reports. Police said they believe he acted alone. 
Murray caused more than $7,500 worth of damage, by throwing rocks through glass windows and doors. He also posted handwritten posters containing messages insinuating that Jesus was gay. 
It was initially believed that Murray's actions were tied to the upcoming marriage amendment vote, since all of the churches involved were in support of banning marriage equality, but police told CBS News that there don't seem to be any political motivations for the vandalism.