Girlfriend of Alabama Lesbian Beaten Nearly to Death Claims It Was No Hate Crime

By Neal Broverman

Originally published on November 28 2012 4:04 PM ET

Mallory Owens, beaten to a bloody pulp by her girlfriend's brother on Thanksgiving, says she is not angry about the violent incident.

Owens is now out of the hospital and speaking to the press. "A lot of things have happened between us, but it doesn't make me hate [girlfriend Ally Hawkins's] brother," said Owens. "I don't hate her family at all, or anybody for that matter." She says Thanksgiving was just a "bad, bad night."

Hawkins agrees, saying her brother did not beat Owens because she's gay. "It's not a hate crime at all," said Hawkins. "We both know the reason why this happened, and it doesn't make any excuses for him, I'm not defending him at all. I know why he was angry, and that will come out."

Hawkins's brother, 18-year-old Travis Hawkins, Jr., is now out on bond and in hiding because of death threats. Even though Owens and Hawkins sound like they're ready to forgive, Owens's mother is not: she's seeking attempted murder charges for the young man.

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