Fifth-Grader Brings Butcher Knife to School After Reported Antigay Bullying

By Sunnivie Brydum

Originally published on January 16 2013 5:11 PM ET

An 11-year-old fifth-grader in Winter Haven, Fla., brought an eight-inch butcher knife to school after being subjected to antigay bullying, according to Gawker

Other students in the boy's class at Inwood Elementary School noticed the knife sticking out from the boy's Scooby-Doo book binder and reported the weapon to teachers. Police are investigating the situation, but there were no injuries, and the school contends that no student was ever in danger. 

The boy's father said his son was being bullied at school, for what his grandmother said might be perceived as "gay tendencies." The boy's family say they informed school officials about the bullying, but saw no action taken. They contend the boy brought the knife to school to defend himself. 

School and police officials challenge the family's allegation that the student was bullied and administrators did nothing to intervene.

"Right now there is nothing on file with the school that she has been told of any bullying," police captain David Brannan told a local ABC affiliate. "But there will be more interviews done to find out."

The child is currently in custody at a juvenile assessment center in Polk County, reports the station.