Brain response to hormones differs between lesbians and straight women

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Originally published on September 14 2007 12:00 AM ET

New research
reveals that the brains of lesbians and heterosexual
women react differently to sex hormones, adding to the
argument that homosexuality is an innate trait rather
than learned behavior.

researchers found that lesbians' and heterosexual
men's brains reacted similarly when stimulated
with certain hormones, the Associated Press

sniffed pheromones, derived from male and female sex
hormones, which are known to trigger specific
responses in animals.

Lesbians and
straight men favored the female pheromone. As noted in a
study released by the same group last year, gay men and
straight women were more attracted to male-oriented
pheromones. Hormonal reactions from straight women and
gay men showed a higher correlation than straight
men and lesbians. (The Advocate)