Proof is in the Productions

By Advocate Contributors

Originally published on April 12 2011 4:00 AM ET

Dr. Phil McGraw has focused on LGBT issues in multiple episodes over the past nine seasons. See these videos listed below:

• Sept. 30, 2002: Dr. Phil meets with the mother of a hate-crime victim.

• Dec. 17, 2002: A distressed mother calls in because her 5-year-old son likes to wear girls’ clothes.

• Feb. 27, 2003: Dr. Phil and son Jay encourage viewers to sign an antibullying pledge on

• April 1, 2003: A mom asks for help in accepting her lesbian daughter.
 1 PIXEL GIF | ADVOCATE.COM • May 7, 2004: A transgender woman and her family discuss how they’re dealing with life changes.

• Oct. 19, 2005: Gay people’s increasing comfort with coming out; and is it possible for people to change their sexual orientation?

• Oct, 23, 2006: Christina believes all homosexuals are sinners while Tessa is a lesbian who hates straight people. Dr. Phil puts them together under one roof.

• Oct, 30, 2006: Christina and Tessa sit down for a heart-to-heart talk, sharing their experiences and their pain.

• Nov. 13, 2006: After nine days in The Dr. Phil House the guests learn to let go of their prejudices.1 PIXEL GIF | ADVOCATE.COM • Jan. 17, 2007: Dr. Phil meets with the mother of murdered transgender teen Gwen Araujo.

• Oct. 29, 2008: Dr. Phil tackles the topic of kids who identify more with the opposite sex.

• Nov. 21, 2008: The Proposition 8 debate.

• Jan. 13, 2009: Dr. Phil continues the topic of gender-confused kids.

• May 29, 2009: Dr. Phil and his panel of distinguished guests continue their discussion of California’s Proposition 8.
 1 PIXEL GIF | ADVOCATE.COM • October 8, 2009: Gay journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell is a guest.

• Sept. 3, 2010: Dr. Phil talks with a woman who questions her sexual orientation after 18 years of marriage.

• Oct. 6, 2010: Dr. Phil and actor Mark Indelicato talk with LGBT teens about bullying and suicide.

• March 1, 2011: Jealousy among same-sex soul mates.

• March 9, 2011: A cross-dressing husband questions his sexual identity.