Connecticut legislator wants to end commission over BSA ruling

By Editors

Originally published on February 13 2001 1:00 AM ET

A state senator in Connecticut wants to eliminate the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities because the commission ruled last week that the Boy Scouts of America cannot be included in the state employee contribution campaign, The Hartford Courant reports. Senator Winthrop Smith Jr. wants to disband the commission and reverse the ruling. The commission last week upheld a ruling made in May in which it said that the Scouts violates state nondiscrimination laws. The Scouts had asked for the ruling to be reconsidered in light of the Supreme Court ruling allowing the group to bar gay members. “The CHRO has been a commission in distress for some time, and I think it’s time we think about reorganizing them,” said Smith. The paper said that Smith offered no specific complaint about the agency’s operations and that his proposal is unlikely to garner much support in the legislature.