Antigay group pleads for money

By Editors

Originally published on February 14 2001 1:00 AM ET

The Traditional Values Coalition of Contra Costa County, Calif., is so broke that it has sent out a handwritten letter to supporters asking for funding, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The group, which spearheaded a successful effort 10 years ago to overturn the city of Concord’s nondiscrimination ordinance, is short $2,000 to replace a broken computer, $1,500 to repair its 11-year-old car, and $1,000 to mail its first newsletter of the year. Executive director Mark Zapalik sent a letter January 22 to supporters asking them to “please come to our aid now.” “My first reaction was amusement,” said Kevin Johnson of the Rainbow Community Center. “Back in the old days there were a lot of people in this community who feared that organization. But this? A handwritten letter from the TVC begging for money? Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” Zapalik said that the expenses were “unscheduled and unplanned” but also “not a big deal.” He told the paper it could “go ahead and spin this whatever way you want.” The Contra Costa group is affiliated with the national Traditional Values Coalition based in Anaheim, Calif., but is not funded by the parent organization.