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Originally published on October 11 2003 12:00 AM ET

Entertainment News

Canadian TV-movie to tell true story of groundbreaking same-sex prom dates

The Canadian television network CTV announced Friday that production has begun on Prom Queen, a made-for-TV movie based on the true story of Marc Hall, an openly gay high schooler who defied the Catholic school board in his small town and brought his boyfriend to the prom. Hall's struggle made headlines throughout the world and won him praise from gay and lesbian civil rights advocates. Aaron Ashmore (The Safety of Objects) will star as Hall; the film also includes Scott Thompson as attorney Lonnie Wynn and Dave Foley as the school principal. John L'Ecuyer (Curtis's Charm) will direct; no airdate has been set.

A documentary about Hall--Prom Fight: The Marc Hall Story--will air on the Sundance Channel on Saturday, October 11, as part of the channel's celebration of National Coming Out Day. For showtimes and other information, visit