Martina Navratilova lashes out against "gay sheep" experiments

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Originally published on November 03 2006 1:00 AM ET

Lesbian tennis
star Martina Navratilova and People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals are condemning hormone-altering
experiments on "gay sheep" at Oregon State University
and Oregon Health and Science University. The
experiment, funded by taxpayers through 2008, seeks to
manipulate sheep's sexual orientatio and make them

In letters sent
to the presidents of both universities, Navratilova
called the project "homophobic and cruel." She asked both
presidents to end the research and redirect tax dollars to
fund "a gay and lesbian community center to foster
dialogue and acceptance for people of all sexual

The experiment,
headed by OHSU's Charles Rosselli and OSU's Frederick
Stormshak, involves drugging pregnant sheep to prevent the
actions of hormones in their fetuses' brains and
cutting open the brains of rams they call
"male-oriented." This is to find the hormonal
mechanisms behind homosexual tendencies so that they can be
changed by an estrogen device. According to the
project's grant applications, the experimenters plan
to extrapolate the test results to humans. (The