Gayle King Supports Gay Marriage

By Editors

Originally published on July 12 2010 11:35 AM ET

Gayle King, the best pal of Oprah Winfrey, announced her support for
marriage equality Friday on her radio show, where she summarized her
reaction to last week’s DOMA rulings by saying, “I like how you’re
thinking in Boston. I like it.”

King broke down the rulings from U.S. district court judge Joseph Tauro as meaning that the court believes same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.

“I do, too, too,” said King. “In the world according to Gayle, I definitely do.”

As Towleroad reports, King discussed marriage equality in the personal context of her attendance at the September 2008 wedding of producer Scott Sanders and author Brad Lamm.

She expressed her hope that marriage equality would unfold as a competition, the way airfare wars do.

“It’s sort of monkey see, monkey do,” she said. “I am really hoping that that happens.”

King also lauded the Today show on NBC for its decision last week to include same-sex couples in its Modern Day Wedding Contest.

Listen to the clip from The Gayle King Show.