Ex-Spitzer Madam Lands on Ballot

By Advocate.com Editors

Originally published on Advocate.com August 23 2010 6:45 PM ET

Kristin Davis, the ex-madam who allegedly supplied former New York governor Eliot Spitzer with call girls, has collected the necessary signatures to get herself on the November ballot as an independent candidate for governor of New York.

Davis first announced she intended to run back in March, saying marriage equality and the legalization of prostitution and pot to boost the economy would be key to her campaign.

Davis will face off against Democrat Andrew Cuomo and a Republican to be determined by September 14's primary. She collected 23,000 signatures — more than the 15,000 required — in support of her candidacy. According to the New York Daily News, True Blood’s gay vampire, king Denis O’Hare, is among the 23,000 people supporting her bid.