Acne and Androgyny

By Editors

Originally published on September 04 2010 2:10 PM ET

Androgyny in high fashion is not a revelatory concept; androgyny inspired by Dynasty is.

Acne Jeans, the Swedish denim label, has released a collection of unisex shirts inspired by — and named after — over-the-top characters on the shoulder-padded 1980s television show (think Alexis, Sammy Jo, and Krystle).   

"This collection is a playful collaboration and a celebration of diversity," Acne creative director Jonny Johansson told British Vogue, which bizarrely described the collection as one targeted to "transvestites."

"It touches on ideas I have always played with when designing for Acne, the tension between male and female and what happens when you shift things around a bit," said Johansson, who collaborated on the collection with Candy magazine.

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