Screened at Leather Bar

By Editors

Originally published on October 14 2010 3:15 PM ET

The Eagle, a Los Angeles gay leather bar, was treated to a screening of the new Johnny Knoxville film, Jackass 3D.

Knoxville, wearing a leather vest, described the Eagle as his favorite
leather bar, adding that he was at the establishment with "some very hungry

Filled with homoerotic stunts and half-dressed pranksters, Jackass 3D is perfectly suited for gay audiences and was greeted with a warm reception at the Eagle.

Steve-O, another Jackass star, recently told Vanity Fair, "We always thought it was funny to force a heterosexual MTV
generation to deal with all of our thongs and homoerotic humor. In many
ways, all our gay humor has been a humanitarian attack against
homophobia. We’ve been trying to rid the world of homophobia for years,
and I think gay people really dig it too."

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