Gay Dad Denied Scout Leadership Post

By Julie Bolcer

Originally published on October 16 2010 11:55 AM ET

A father in Dallas was denied a leadership position in his son’s Cub Scout pack because he is gay.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Jon Langbert learned this week that he would not be able to serve as a leader for his 9-year-old son’s Pack 70 at University Park Elementary after someone complained at a September meeting.

“He said he was told this week that he can't wear the Scout leader shirt he was given last year and that he cannot serve in a leadership position because of his sexual orientation,” reported the News.

Cub Scout spokespeople said that Langbert would be allowed to continue in his role as a popcorn fund-raiser, but Langbert said he may consider legal action. A 2000 Supreme Court decision upheld the Boy Scouts of America’s policy against gay or atheist leaders.