Body Builder Chris Bruce Transitions to Female Fitness Guru 

By Editors

Originally published on November 05 2010 2:20 AM ET

Chris Bruce is no stranger to blazing new trails, and the former
230-pound 6-foot-1 body builder has transformed into a 180-pound 6-foot-3 fitness
guru — in heels.

According to an interview with The Dallas Voice, Chris Tina Foxx Bruce was born male. After he started and sold a multimillion-dollar business, married his high school sweetheart, and fathered two kids, Bruce’s cross-dressing led to a divorce in 2007

Bruce realized shortly after that she wasn’t just dressing in women’s clothing — she identified as a woman.

“My purpose is to let the world know who I am and being transgender is nothing to be hid,” she tells the Voice.

She says her ex-wife has had trouble with the change — she only found out Bruce was trans earlier this year — but for the sake of the kids, they are adjusting. She is currently making a living as a fitness instructor and had her first surgery — some face work and breast implants — December 26.

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