Behar Looks at Boy Beauty Pageants

By Julie Bolcer

Originally published on November 18 2010 9:40 AM ET

The Joy Behar Show offered a look into the growing world of boy beauty pageants as seen through the eyes of Tracy Miller and her 5-year-old son Zander, a “pageant king.”

Zander, who began competing in pageants when he was 18 months old, holds a winning record after participating in more than 60 contests. His mother said he has not experienced bullying or any negative reactions from classmates.

Asked why he likes to compete in pageants, his mother said, “He likes to do his things and get crowns and sashes.” She added, "He also wins a lot of money doing this, too."

Clinical psychologist Laura Markham provided a counterpoint, saying that she believes pageants teach all children, regardless of gender, to be inauthentic.