Mayor Mark Foley?

By Editors

Originally published on November 29 2010 8:55 PM ET

Former Florida congressman Mark Foley, who was forced to step down after sending multiple lurid instant messages to male staffers, looks to be eyeing a run for mayor of West Palm Beach.

The Republican politician told The Palm Beach Post over the weekend he would likely wait until December 27, the final filing deadline, to announce his potential campaign. Back in April he told the Post he’d been “hearing the buzz” but had no plan in place to run for office.

Foley was driven from office in 2007 after his sexually explicit messages to congressional pages were revealed. He dropped largely out of sight before reemerging with his own radio show last year.

“I do have the luxury that I can be the last man to file if I choose to, and still have the name ID," Foley told the Post. "It's a time commitment, and it's a major endeavor for anyone who becomes mayor. It rules out travels to far-off destinations, because you have to be on duty. Those are the things I'm wavering — both the re-entrance into public life and time commitment. If I decided to do it, I will give it the time."

Foley told the Post that a return to public life means his scandal would likely "get back to being a national story."