The Kids Are All Right (Meeting Their Sperm Donor)

By Editors

Originally published on January 07 2011 5:45 PM ET

Two new studies published by the journal Human Reproduction find that a
majority of sperm donors who contact their biological offspring have
positive interactions.

"There is considerable debate about the
potential impact of having been conceived by a known or unknown sperm
donor on an offspring's psychological adjustment, especially during the
vulnerable period of adolescence," said Henny Bos of the University of
Amsterdam in the Netherlands, according to Reuters.

But in studies involving 78 teenagers born to lesbian parents, Bos and colleagues found no significant difference in mental health between those who had met their sperm donor and those who had not.

Egg and sperm donors who have met their biological offspring reported to researchers that "it was a good experience — and most saw their offspring regularly."

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