Gay Indonesian Man Seeks Asylum in U.S.

By Editors

Originally published on February 16 2011 7:25 AM ET

The case of Anton Tanumihardja, a gay Indonesian man seeking asylum in the United States, illustrates the discrimination against LGBT people in immigration law.

CNN reports on Tanumihardja, who was granted a temporary stay of deportation and avoided being torn from his American boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Authorities are deciding whether to reopen his application for political asylum.

Tanumihardja, who lives in Philadelphia, fears persecution if he returns to Indonesia. His attorney argues that U.S. law does not allow his boyfriend, Brian Andersen, to sponsor him for citizenship, as it does for heterosexual couples.

“In addition to his sexual orientation, Tanumihardja is ethnic Chinese and Catholic, making his return to Indonesia more daunting because he would be a triple minority in the predominantly Muslim country,” reports CNN.

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