Trans Mayor for Amarillo?

By Editors

Originally published on February 28 2011 6:45 PM ET

Sandra Dunn, a transgender woman, is challenging the mayoral aspirations of a homophobic pastor in Amarillo, Tex.

Dunn is running against David Grisham, a fundamentalist preacher who previously called for a boycott of Houston because it has a lesbian mayor. 

"The more people that run, the better," Grisham told the Amarillo Globe-News after hearing Dunn was a candidate. "I'm not sure that's who you want as mayor. If they're indecisive about who they are, are they indecisive about other issues?" 

Dunn, 53, is currently getting her Master's Degree and previously served in the Army. She previously ran a supply business but closed it after her business partner was murdered inside the shop. Dunn says she supports sex education in Amarillo's schools, but opposes a ban on smoking.

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