"Gay" Caveman Likely a Media Myth

By Advocate.com Editors

Originally published on Advocate.com April 10 2011 8:55 PM ET

Historians and archaeologists are dubious about media reports that refer to a recently unearthed skeleton as a "gay" caveman.

The remains, found outside of Prague in the Czech Republic, are of a man lying on his left side and facing west, which is how many women of the time were laid to rest. The man also has items associated with females lying near him. But experts say there is no way to prove this man was gay; it would be speculation to even consider him transgender. He may be a "third-gender," but, "in anthropology, you can't equate third gender with homosexuality," University of Wisconsin-Madison professor John Hawks was quoted as saying. Hawks and others believe European newspapers fanned the flames of the "gay" caveman rumor with presumptive stories, which were picked up by international media.

Also, the remains are not of a caveman, but someone who lived in the Neolithic Age, only about 5,000 years ago.

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