NOM Not Invited to N.Y. Weddings, But They'll Be There Protesting

By Lucas Grindley

Originally published on July 09 2011 3:40 PM ET

 When gay couples in New York start legally getting hitched July 24, the National Organization for Marriage plans to crash their weddings with a series of protests.

The group, which lobbied against passage of the marriage equality bill signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, announced the rallies Friday on its website. Protests are so far being planned in Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and New York City.

The locations target the four Republican senators who broke with their party and voted to pass the marriage equality bill — Stephen Saland, James Alesi, Mark Grisanti, and Roy McDonald. NOM has pledged to spend $2 million defeating the four in the next election.

In announcing the rally, NOM president Brian Brown repeatedly asked for money.

“Fight back against the GOP betrayal by donating,” suggested Brown. “New York State has no limit on PAC donations (although they are public knowledge if you donate $100 or more). If you really want to show the GOP politicians they made a big mistake in betraying marriage, the sky is the limit.”

Brown claimed “hundreds” had already donated, raising $40,000 so far. As government offices open to begin certifying marriages, protesters are encouraged to hold signs that call for a statewide vote banning others from doing the same.

New York City offices will open at 8:30 a.m. July 24, which is a Sunday, just so gay couples can get married the moment the new law goes into effect. Mayor Michael Bloomberg will officiate at the wedding of two of his employees that day.