Maryland Gov Pledges Marriage Fight

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on July 22 2011 4:55 PM ET

Maryland's governor told the press Friday that he would sponsor a bill to establish marriage equality in his state.

Gov. Martin O'Malley made the announcement at a press conference Friday after an attempt to bring marriage equality to Maryland failed to get past legislative hurdles earlier this year.

O'Malley said his inspiration to try again on the legislation was the success New York's legislature had in enacting such a bill, with an effort led by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

ā€œI think every state tries to learn ā€” I think we all try to learn from one another," he said, according to PBS. "Iā€™m sure there were things that they learned from our inability to get this done. And similarly we will learn from what they did.ā€

In 2010, when O'Malley was running for reelection as governor, he told his constituents that he would work to enact marriage equality while in office.