ACLU: NFL Needs to Tell Kids "It Gets Better"

By Neal Broverman

Originally published on September 09 2011 6:35 PM ET

Writing on a blog for the American Civil Liberties Union, Ian Thompson implores NFL teams to follow the lead of baseball teams by making "It Gets Better" videos for bullied and beleaguered LGBT youth.

While numerous baseball teams have created "It Gets Better" videos — with players telling kids that life outside the confines of school is less cruel — not one football team has yet stepped up to the plate.

"While all of the 'It Gets Better' videos have served to provide critically important messages of hope and support, those coming from professional sports teams carry a special resonance, particularly for young LGBT athletes who often feel that their only path to success is if no one ever finds out who they really are," Thompson writes. "Fear of rejection by coaches and teammates often burden these young people with tremendous stress and worry far beyond that involving on-field performance and a desire to succeed." Update: Mike Williams of the Seattle Seahawks football team participated in a "It Gets Better" video with other Seattle professional athletes. Watch it below.

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Seahawks join "It Gets Better Project" from Seattle Seahawks on Vimeo.