Bristol Palin Gets in Shouting Match at West Hollywood Bar

By Lucas Grindley

Originally published on September 23 2011 6:04 PM ET

Bristol Palin took her reality show to West Hollywood last night, and a shouting match unfolded in a bar.

Palin was riding a mechanical bull and fell off, when a man at the bar taunted her by shouting an insult about her mom, Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate and now Fox News contributor.

"Your mother's a whore," he yelled, among other things.

Bristol Palin picked herself up and then marched up to the bar, cameras following closely behind, and confronted the man, who she accused of not liking her mom because he is "a homosexual."

In a follow-up interview, the man — 47-year-old Stephen Hanks, who is gay — told TMZ that he doesn't regret insulting Sarah Palin, and he threw in a few more shots. He said Bristol Palin's reaction, especially the way she said "homosexual," is evidence of bigotry.

See for yourself in the two videos below. Who was in the wrong? Let us know in the comments.

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