Gaga's Emotional Tribute to Jamey Rodemeyer

By Jeremy Kinser

Originally published on September 25 2011 12:55 PM ET

 Lady Gaga dedicated a particularly heartfelt version of "Hair," her anthem about self-expression, to her late fan, teenager Jamey Rodemeyer, who committed suicide last weekend after being bullied at his school in Buffalo, New York.

Gaga participated in the I Heart Radio concert in Las Vegas last night and was emotional as she addressed the crowd, saying, "We lost a Little Monster this week" as a photo of Rodemeyer appeared on a screen behind her. Gaga called Rodemeyer "not a victim but a lesson to all of us." During the performance Gaga said "bullying is for losers."

Rodemeyer was a huge fan of the iconic musician and in a video post earlier this year said, "Lady Gaga, she makes me so happy, and she lets me know that I was born this way" and she is "the reason why I am alive."

Rodemeyer's parents buried him yesterday in a "Born This Way" T-shirt.

Watch Gaga's perform "Hair" below. And watch Jamey Rodemeyer's last video messages on bullying and gay marriage.