Gay Chilean Dies Following Neo-Nazi Attack

By Josh Hinkle

Originally published on March 28 2012 2:54 PM ET

Gay Chilean Daniel Zamudio died Tuesday after being in critical condition for more than three weeks.

Zamudio was beaten at a park in Santiago, Chile, March 3 by four gang members allegedly associated with a neo-Nazi group. According to Buenos Aires Herald, Zamudio was violently hit in the head, burned with cigarettes, marked with Nazi symbols and cut part of his ear.

"He is a victim of homophobia, of the hatred that some have towards those who have a different sexual orientation," Jamie Parada, leader of the Homosexual Liberation Movement, said to the Herald. "Today, we consider him a martyr."

Four suspects ranging in age from 19 to 25 have been arrested and charged with attempted murder reports the Herald. New charges have not yet been filed following Zamudio's death.