Dolly Parton Discusses Whitney Houston Funeral

By Jeremy Kinser

Originally published on April 06 2012 8:52 PM ET

Dolly Parton recalls bursting into tears when "I Will Always Love
You," a song she wrote and originally performed, began playing at
Whitney Houston's funeral in February.

Parton was interviewed about her storied career for a segment of CBS This Morning: Saturday, which will be broadcast tomorrow. During the interview the subject of Houston, who scored a remarkable success with the Parton-penned ballad, came up. “When they lifted her coffin up at that funeral and they went into that song, I mean, I just busted out in tears," Parton shares. "It was just like somebody just stuck me in the heart with a knife. It was just so overwhelming knowing that was my song, my words. So I think the both of us will always be — that song — will be tagged to both of us forever.”