Al-Qaeda Militants Gun Down Suspected Gay Man in Yemen

By Sunnivie Brydum

Originally published on September 29 2013 7:00 AM ET

Two unidentified gunmen shot and killed a young man in his 20s in southern Yemen on Thursday because they believed he was gay, reports Agence France-Presse

One of two men on a motorcycle opened fire at the young man outside his house in Huta, the capital of Lahij province, local police told AFP. The gunmen, who police suspect were affiliated with terrorist group Al-Qaeda, escaped after killing their victim. Police say this is the sixth similar murder this year. 

AFP notes that for the past year, an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group has imposed Islamic law in the Aden and Abyan provinces of Yemen, condemning several people to death after so-called "trials," and amputating hands after being "convicted" of theft. 

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