Obama Endorses LGBT-Inclusive Immigration Reform

By Trudy Ring

Originally published on Advocate.com May 04 2013 1:01 PM ET

President Obama reiterated Friday that would like to see the immigration reform bill include a provision allowing citizens and legal residents to sponsor immigrant same-sex partners for legal status, although he would sign a bill without it.

He spoke at a press conference in Costa Rica, where he said, “I’ve said in the past that the LGBT community should be treated like everybody else,” adding, “We’re all created equal,” The Hill reports.

He said, however, that the primary issue the bill needs to address is border security, and that the same-sex partner provision, sponsored by Sen. Pat Leahy, may not end up in the final bill. “I’m not going to get everything I want in this bill and Republicans are not going to get everything they want,” Obama said.