Former GOP Official: Trans People Should Be 'Put in a Camp'

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on October 17 2013 5:48 PM ET

Todd Kincannon, former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, says transgender people should be rounded up and "put in a camp."

Kincannon was reacting to transgender writer and activist Kat Haché on Twitter. He said, "There are people who respect transgender rights. And there are people who think you should all be put in a camp. That's me." Transgender writer Amelia June reports that after she jumped into the conversation, she received an onslaught of derogatory tweets from Kincannon's followers.

Kincannon, an attorney, was pushed out of his party's leadership earlier this year, The Daily Beast reports. In 2012, he called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi a slur, and slammed an antiwar Iraq veteran on Twitter by saying he wished "the Iraqis had better aim with his ass…I hope if that guy is ever in combat again, the enemy splatters his brain JFK-style. He deserves it.”