Queer year at the B.O.

By Lawrence Ferber

Originally published on Advocate.com December 19 2005 1:00 AM ET

been a lot of press lamenting how movie box office figures
were down in 2005. Gay films—and gay-inclusive
films—were no exception to the trend, with only
a handful breaking the $1 million mark at the domestic
box office.

Here we list the
top 10 B.O. titles for December 1, 2004 to November 27,
2005, led by Rent (thanks to its Thanksgiving holiday

Missing the boat
and also the million-dollar mark were nonetheless
well-received titles including Heights, Côte
d’Azur, Beautiful Boxer, The Dying
and Ballets Russes. (Both Brokeback
and Transamerica opened after December

With home
entertainment systems taking over as a preferred venue for
films—no inconsiderate jabber-jaws, ringing cell
phones, or other obnoxious distractions—DVD
sales and rentals are now a movie’s best

1. Rent
$17.1 million* 2. Capote $9 million*
3. High Tension $3.68 million 4. Kiss
Kiss Bang Bang
$3.44 million* 5. Walk
on Water
$2.71 million 6. Happy
$1.32 million 7. Saving Face
$1.18 million 8. My Summer of Love $1
million 9. Mysterious Skin $713,000
10. Last Days $463,000

* gross not
final; film still in release